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Monday, February 13, 2012

Designer Fight Gear

With money pouring into MMA on all fronts many suppliers of martial arts equipment and apparel are stepping up their game in hopes to out shine their competitors. Hayabusa in particular has been setting an example for what good design should look like, at least with their equipment, I am not a fan of their street wear. Their Kanpeki Elite Series has to be one of the nicest looking lines out there. It is sleek and simple. The branding is subtle and the brown leather gives it a feeling of antiquity. 

Aesthetically the Kanpeki Elite Series far surpasses anything I have seen on the market. Far nicer looking then the Drako gear I proudly picked up in September 2010 and the Drako gear is quite well designed. I now have both sets of gloves in my equipment bag, the Hayabusas and the Drakos. However to be totally honest I would be hard pressed to tell you which pair I like better. The Drako gloves are simple and clean. They fit well and are comfortable, however they are a little wide for my hands. The Hyabusas are beautiful and have all sorts of innovative design features such as the Hayabusa Y-shape volar. These gloves fit nice and snug but they take a little bit to break in. Ether that or I don't train hard enough.

In the end I am a sucker for style. I mean I still prefer my white Gi over my rash guard. No mater how many times I tell any one style shouldn't matter in the martial arts, this should apply to both schools and gear, I will also tell you do what ever feels right for you. For me that seams to mean putting on a white Gi, don't worry mine still has sleeves, and wearing brown leather gloves that would make any Street Fighter fans mouths water.

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