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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dojo Review: UBC MMA

 I started attending UBC in the summer of 2010. I was there Studying Psychology and Counseling as an unclassified student. Cleaning up prerequisites so I may apply to the Masters program in the future. Like most students, time and money were very limited but I wanted increase my martial arts training. I had taken some classes at SFU before and really enjoyed them. Over the years I have found University clubs to be some of the most affordable clubs in Vancouver so I started snooping around

My Sundays were open and I was itching to get some more training in. The Karate club started too early for me. I am not an early riser. However the MMA club didn't start until 2pm. It was perfect I could still get out and be social on Saturdays with out worrying that I would be to tired to train the next day. Despite the few reservations I had against MMA clubs based on the stereotypical douchbags who most people think frequent them, I went out and gave it a shot, I loved it and there were no douchbags. Most of the members are hard working students and many of them are studying at a masters level. This means you will not only get a good work out but interesting conversation is never hard to find, just don't try and have it in the middle of class.

The main coach is a Hapkido instructor so though he is pumped on MMA he has a traditional sensibility and is quite open minded to other martial arts. Making this a great class for any one who wants to keep up there usually training while putting their foot into the MMA arena. He usually has a grappling coach accompany him who is quite technically proficient at Judo, BJJ and has some experience with high school wrestling. Together they will give you everything the class says in the web description.

This course will develop practical skills in the fighting areas of Stand-up (kicking, knees and elbows), Clinch (locks, and takedowns) and Ground (positions, transitions, submissions). The course will include techniques from various martial arts styles and will focus on reflex development for practical application in sport and/or combat situations. Sparring will be optional. The program will stress the importance of a positive team approach to the development of all participants. The course will include gi and no-gi applications as well as  strenuous workout  components.

A word of warning; they are not kidding when they say strenuous workout. The first class of every semester is a screening class. It will tear you apart if you are not in top physical condition. Those who return are usually a pretty tough few and they all make for great training partners. Things relax a little after the first class but you never leave without poring sweat and feeling a little pain. If you are ever lucky enough to do the 12 days of MMA you might not walk right for a week.

Over all this is a great club I highly recommended it for one of two schools of people. Firstly for any one who just wants to get out and find out what all this MMA hype is about, in a safe and affordable environment. The second group I would recommend and who I highly encourage are those of you who already have a regular training schedule in more traditional schools of martial arts but are wanting to up your game and possible compete in some all styles tournaments. Of course these are only my recommendation, people train for all sorts of reasons. Some people just need to blow off some steam after a long week in the lab. Others want to shed a few pounds or compete in the next Tiger Balm. What ever your reason is mark two pm Sunday on your calendar and get ready to sweat.

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