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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MMA Africa: Montu

This video beautifully depicts a combative sport called Montu, or that is the name to the best of my knowledge, I believe this martial art originated in Africa. As Black History Month is just now coming to an end I thought this video would be more than suitable to share. It depicts segment of the African culture, a culture that we far to often victimize through images, as strong, hardworking, spirited and beautiful. If you can look past the tribal iconography you will notice these people have far fewer differences from those in the western world when compared to their similarities. These people are enjoying a combative sporting event not unlike the UFC. They work hard, K maybe most westerners don't work very hard, play hard and love entertainment. Truly the biggest difference I see here is these boys are tough enough to grapple in the sand.

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