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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ryu Wins the Favicon

You may have noticed that I have a great new favicon featuring a small pixel Street Fighter fan art by Rodrigo Hahn. For those of you who have not noticed you maybe wondering what in the world is a favicon? A favicon is the little icon that shows up on the left of your tabs and in your address bar. If you look around you will notice that many websites have costume favicons.

 When I was playing with making a favicon of my own I found my self stumbling around the internet looking at street fighter pictures, like a good karate nerd, that is when I cam across the work of Rodrigo Hahn. I was particularly impressed by his Ryu and DJ sprits and could not help but use his Ryu for's new favicon. It just seemed to perfect for a blog about martial arts written by a big Street Fighter II fan nerd.

You may now be wondering how can you make your own favicon. If you are using blogger this is relativly easy as in your design settings there is a basic uploader for favicons. However you can not just go and use any image you like. The image must be quite small and it must be square. To find more detailed instructions on adding favicons refer to the links below.

How To: Upload Favicon to Blogger Blogs

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