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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Contemporary Look at Zen Buddhism

Tokyo podcast is an informative podcast produced by a fellow Canadian Anthony John, who is now living in Tokyo. He has been an X-pat for quite some time and has lived all over the world including the USA and Thailand. This is one of my favorite podcasts and is a useful resource for anyone including martial artists who have an interest in Japan.

In Episode 32 Anthony interviews Reverend Takafumi Kawakami. Kawakami comes from a family tradition of priesthood something he tried to diverge from as a young adult however his studies abroad in psychology and other sciences lead him full circle. He is now a practicing priest in Japan's historic capital Kyoto.

In this interview Kawakami offers a scientific and honest look into many aspects of Zen Buddhism. I find his relationship to the sciences refreshing. He demystifies many aspects of Zen Buddhism in such a way that they can be better understood by outsiders. This demystification also helps to show how many seemingly outdated practices are still relevant in our modern world.

I hope you will enjoy this podcast as much as I have. Once you have checked out this episode jump over to and see what else Amthony is talking about. He has podcasts that cover everything from  Kendo to Tattoos and Sushi.

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