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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Courageous Spirit

I was recently listening to Shrink Rap Radio another of my favorite Podcasts. In episode #323 Dr. Dave interviews Sensei Nick Walker about his journey along the path of Aikido. They talk about how Aikido can be used as a practice that encourages structure and helps to develop self-esteem.

Sensei Nick Walker holds his 6th dan in Aikido, is a practicing psychologist and heavily involved in the Neurodiversity Movement. Sensei Walker not only advocates for Neurodiversity but is neurologically diverse himself. He is considered autistic, a title he seems to embrace with warmth and respect.

Through out the interview Sensei Walker reveals how through Aikido he has been able to build the confidence needed to see past the title of disabled. He seems to rest confidently in a wake of unity all Aikidoka strive for. Positioning him self in such away that he can not help but flow forward in harmony with his perceived disabilities rather than clashing against it.

Sensei Walker shares an important message of strength and compassion that I think is at the core of all martial arts. I hope you will take the time to listen to this interview and pass it on so that others may also be inspired by his words. The martial arts are a powerful tool for personal development. 

When people think of the martial arts they often think of self defense and competition. They imagine gaining the abilities to ward of external threats however it maybe argued the greatest threats come from inside. Sensei Walker gives us a glimpse into his own personal battlefield and how he navigates it with confidence and grace. How have the martial arts helped you navigate through your internal and external life?

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