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Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a Little Fun With Your Karate

I sat down today with the intention of writing a post about goal setting. However this goal was vague and perhaps ill timed. I have decided to take a little more time to plan the post. I will post it next week when most peoples New Years Resolutions begin to quickly slip from grasp due to poor timing and insufficient preparation. Until then I will share a video with you which I had intended to post a few weeks ago.

I had almost forgotten about this video, until I found a link to it in an old Facebook message, when wishing a Karate friend of mine a Happy New Years. This video was produced by Vancouver Kyokushin Karate. A strong Kyokushin club located in down town Vancouver, which I have much respect for.

They are a serious no BS Kyokushin club. There training is simple and hard as it should be. I mean Karate is serous stuff. Just like goal setting. With that being said no matter how serous you are you should never forget to have fun. So skip ahead to 2:20 and see how these tough guy Karateka spice up their demos with a little humour.

Happy New Years
If you set only one goal this year make it to have a little more fun.

See my post about goal setting here

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