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Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Rules for your Five Fingers

    Five fingers will never look good with jeans, never.

So as I told you last week I have jumped on board with the toe shoes craze. Now as much as I love my toe shoes I will admit that they are a rather new technology. You thought I was going to say ugly didn't you? Like every other new technology, take cellphones for example, many people forget to apply basic etiquette when useing them. That is why I am posting five rules that should be followed by every toe shoe enthusiast. Check them out below.

5. Keep them clean
You are already the person with the weird shoes do you really want to be the person with stinky feet too? Vibram suggests you wash your shoes once a week in the washing machine. However if you want to save some time and get a little extra life out of your shoes I would suggest bringing them into the shower every now and then. You may also want to dunk them in some water that has been mixed with tea tree oil to prevent the development of fungus. If you are having or have had problems with foot fungus in the past it maybe advisable to treat your feet with tea tree oil and a little moisturizer.

4. Don't Preach
If you have recently fallen in love with toe shoes and have gotten over the fact that they are fairly esthetically discomforting to most people you probably want to head out and tell every one about it.  That is great, nothing is more important than sharing information but remember to share. When someone asks you about your new shoes tell them about why you enjoy them but avoid telling them why they should also get a pair or why their traditional running shoes may be bad for them.

3. Do Your Research
As toe shoes grow in popularity more and more people are posting their opinions all over the internet and some are even doing some rather serious research. Be sure you keep up with the real research. Look for research that not only supports your current views on toe shoes but also keep up with the research that opposes your view points. Remember correlation does not equal causation.

2. Take it Slow
No matter how much you believe in the barefoot revolution there are risks involved. Just as their are risks involved with crossing the street. If you are brand new to barefoot training make sure you work your way into it. Start by wearing your shoes around the house, gardening, take them to them gym and slowly work up to more vigorous activity. If you have no experience training barefoot it is not unreasonable for it to take you several months to a year to real break in your new shoes. As my favorite yoga teacher has said many times "don't get over zealous."

1. They are Athletic Shoes
You may think Yoga pants are the most comfortable thing in the world but they are not appropriate for every occasion and nether are toe shoes. Most the bad reviews about toe shoes involve people wearing them out to clubs, pubs or to job interviews.  Toes shoes were not made to be, and should not be, worn in any of those places. When you strap on your toe shoes be sure you are heading out to get some exercise. There are plenty of other minimal shoes out there that can be worn to more formal occasions do your self a favor and invest in a pair.

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