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Friday, May 10, 2013

Personal Self Defense

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Being a survivor of a house hold effected by domestic violence I know first hand how fast a potentially dangerous situation can escalate and I know how much work can be needed to recover from the experience of being in a dangerous situations. That is why I have developed a self defense structure that focuses on a holistic approach to self defense based on my own personal experience, over a decade of martial arts training in everything from BJJ and Karate to Aikido and Wing Chung and my education in Counseling & Psychology.

We all deserve to to feel confident in our own ability to keep ourselves, friends and families safe. Self defense is not about mastering complicated systems but rather it is about building the confidence, awareness and rehearsing the physical techniques needed to avoid, control and cope with the realities of psychical violence. Knowledge is power and it is time for you to unlock the power to defend your self and those you care about today.

About Personal Self Defense

 What: I am offering a variety of personalized self defense seminars based on the needs of individual organizations. These seminars will focus on developing the skills necessary to avoid, control and cope with dangerous situations.  My self defense structure is flexible and can be catered to the needs of rec-centres, school programs, special interests groups, family workshops and more.

Why: Life is unpredictable. No matter how safe we may assume a situation is things can always change for the worse. You never know when you may need to defend your self or your family. When the times comes it is important to be prepared

Preparation is the key to keeping our selves and the ones we love safe. That is why these personal self defense work shops we will not only focus on how to physically defend our selves but how to avoid, control and cope with the realities of psychical violence. 

Who: We all run the risk of being vulnerable at different times in our lives. There truly is no one who could not benefit from self defense training and that is why I have developed a self defense structure that can be adjusted to benefit everyone from the completely untrained civilian to those who want to refresh or bring new perspectives to their existing foundations in self defense or the martial arts.

I take a special interest in working with high-risk civilian populations including women, LGBT, people with varied mentally or physically abilities, the elderly and youth. Though every one will benefit from some level of self defense training some people are simply at a higher risk of being put in to dangerous situations than others and that is why I like to focus on working with those who have an increased risk of being victimized.

The Six Part Series: Not every one wants to head down to their local Dojo and sweat it out three or more times a week, year after year, just so they can feel safe walking home at night. That is why I have developed a six part series to prepare civilians to avoid, defend and recover from dangerous situations with efficiency and confidence in just under 12 hours of training.

In this six week program we will cover the fundamentals of self defense starting from the importance of body  language and mental preparedness and working through a well researched system of physical techniques. We will also continually discuss how to seek support for yourself or your loved ones after experiencing an assault or other physically threatening situations.

 * This program is usually offered as a six week program consisting of one two hour season each week.   

Abbreviated programs: When it comes to self defense you can never know enough. That is why I offer abbreviated programs that can act as an introduction to the principles of self defense for those who have never practiced self defense before, as a refresher for those who have completed limited self defense training or as a way to bring new perspectives to those who are continually engaged in self defense or martial arts training.

Abbreviated programs will be scheduled according to your organization, group or individual needs. A variety of workshops can be developed based on your schedule and desired learning outcomes including weekend seminars and day camps. Groups sessions are preferably though individual sessions are possible.

Student Testimonial from Nic at SFU:
I attended a Women's Self Defense course run by Kyle Duske. It was unlike anything I could have expected. I found the course and the techniques all very challenging. You are confronted by realities the moment you step into the class, and this confrontational approach really works. 
Having a male instructor, while daunting for many women, is also an extremely beneficial component of the class. Kyle and his assistant were able to demonstrate what it is really like to have an 'attacker' who is stronger and built in a different way than you. You have to learn how to properly escape from grabs and dangerous situations instead of practicing with a friend who may go easy on you. 
It took me awhile to get comfortable with the physical touch aspect of this course, but again that is what makes this class so rewarding. It forces you to confront your boundaries and learn what it's like to be uncomfortable while still retaining the presence of mind to think; "This is a dangerous situation I'm in, how do I escape? How do I use what I have practiced?" In the end the movements become instinctive you don't even have to stop and think and you learn how not to instinctively do the wrong thing. 
I really think this class was an invaluable experience. Kyle Duske has an amazing ability to put you at ease, even when creating realistic simulations of violent events. He makes the class truly fun, while maintaining a professional attitude. This is a rare combination - I consider myself very lucky to have been taught by him.

Pricing: Pricing is negotiable and will be dependent on travel requirements and availability. Contact Kyle Duske today to discuss how we can work together to make life safer for everyone.

Kyle Duske 

  L: Matsuyama Ehime-ken Japan

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