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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ne-Waza: 90% of Fights go to the Ground

    by Phillip Lietz

We have all heard it, "Brazilian Jiujitsu is the ultimate martial art", "just watch the UFC", "90% of all street fights go to the ground". So what are you to do, a seasoned stand up martial artist Karate, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Tai Kwon Do, Kung fu, whatever. Well first of all don't believe all the hype. Second take your head out of the sand and start looking for a way to implement ground fighting into your training routine.

When you hear things like 90% of street fights go to the ground you have to ask yourself where does this information come from? Especially before you go out quoting statistics based on what your best drinking buddy told you, Saturday night at your local sports bar between fights of UFC 165.

The tired saying of 90% of street fights go to the ground is rather misleading. This statistic comes out of self report data from law enforcement. In most cases when an officer goes to the ground during a altercation it is because they have subdued a suspect and are restraining them for arrest.

Holding some one on their chest while slipping them into handcuffs is a far cry from what we see in the UFC, which is where most people get their information on fighting these days. That being said there are a variety of situations that a strong understanding of ground fighting can be helpful and I believe that anyone who claims to be a martial artist better make sure they have some proficiency on the ground before they find themselves choked out and a little embarrassed.

When it comes to self defence, I am talking about on the street now, I personally feel you need to know little more then some decent body positioning and how to get yourself up and out when it comes to ground fighting. However if you are a traditional martial artist you may come up against having to defend your reputation or style and you don't want some fresh faced, BJJ practitioner walking into your Dojo and mopping the floor with all your best guys the way the Gracies did in the early days of the Mixed Martial Arts.

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