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Friday, January 10, 2014

Why I Quite Kyokushin

I was lucky enough to train with fighter 18, found at 6:29 in the video above, for a few months in 2009. As you can see Tats Nakamura is a hard hitting and skilled Karate-ka. His opponent was obviously much larger then him but at no point did Nakamura Sensei let off. What a great fight.

Sadly I had to stop training with his group after a few months due to injury. This injury was less a result of training with Vancouver Kyokushin Karate and more a result of my rigid Shotokan background. (Note: I still train in and love Shotokan but same days I do things a little different). It was also not a new injury as I have a bad knee due to a snowboarding accident. I strained the ligaments in one of my knees after taking a hard fall which caused a binding to break. This was back in 1996. Snow boards were not what they are today.

On my last day at VKK we were practicing some basic punching drills in Sanchin Dachi 「三戦立ち」known as Hangestu Dachi「半月立ち」 in Shotokan. Shotokan stances are very rigid, precision and exaggeration are always emphasized. Because of this I held a very rigid Sanchin dacha through out the entire drill.

While holding this stance and focusing on my inwards tension each flick of my hip pulled on my bad knee. This aggravated my old knee injury to a degree that I had to stop my Martial arts training for sometime. This was a shame as I had only started Kyokushin and was really enjoying myself. I was also training in Capoeira at the time but of course my knee put a stop to that as well.

It took me about four months to recover from this injury to the point that I could train again and now, a few years later, my knee feels great. Sadly I haven't made it back to VKK but I do hope I can visit in the future. VKK has to be one of the best old school Kyokushin clubs in Vancouver. If you want to experience real Kyokushin Karate this is the place to go.

So how did I heal my knee. How did I get strong enough that I could move forwards with my martial arts training. Study MMA and later spend 2 years in Japan studying fighting Karate with Seidokaikan, Ashihara and Daido Juku clubs? Well I guess you will just have to come back to find out.


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