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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Karate Kid Revival (Is it time?)

When the Karate Kid exploded in to theaters Karate Dojos all over North America blew up. Every one wanted to learn how to Crane Kick their enemies. Karate road this wave for quite some time as the Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers continually reinvigorated the general public interest in Eastern Martial Arts.

However these days Karate and most Eastern Martial Arts have faded in to obscurity. Even with MMA super stars like Lyoto Machida, GSP & Ronda Rousey in the media most Judo & Karate schools are generally not very well attended out side of their kids programs unless they have connected with BJJ or MMA schools.

So perhaps it is time for a new Karate Kid movie. No not the "Kung Fu" Kid or the Martial Arts Kid. It is time for something with real grit, something that truly suits our current moment in the history of Martial Arts. So here it is my Karate Kid Movie Plot:
  • A sport Karate-ka from a tournament style kumite only school goes to Japan with dreams of making it big on the Karate circuit. He has been very successful on the American circuit and truly believes he is the best Karate-ka in the world. 

  • The main character is from a upper middle class family. His mom and dad are both alive and together, though maybe a little distant as they work a lot. We all love seeing an under dog succeed but this movie is not about that it is about connection and humility. 

  • He looses quite badly in Japan. Not even coming close to placing. He starts to become disillusioned with his own abilities and Karate in general.

  • At school he bumps in to a tough guy BJJ player. They get in a scrap and the BJJ player locks the Karate-ka in a arm bar. Leaving him humiliated and subsequently suspended.

  • While at home doing chores and playing video games he throws a temper tantrum and throws out all his trophies. He declares he will never do Karate again because it is "bull shit".

  • His neighbor, who grows way to much bamboo in his back yard, notices the kids trophies in the garbage and salvages them. Slowly he convinces the kid to come over to his place to help cut the grass or maybe wash his car or something fun like that "wax on wax off"

  • Slowly the old neighbor convinces the kid to start training again. he starts training him in his back yard as well as sending him out to do trial classes with other clubs some small back yard dojos and some big Dojos. He trains with Okinawan Karate-ka, sport Karate-ka, Judo, sancho, BJJ, Krav Maga, Wing Chun etc and connections begin to form and gaps are quickly filled.

  • Finally the kid enters a local MMA tournament. He does pretty well and even goes on to beat the kid who he fought at school. He makes it into the finals but loses. 

  • The final scene is him back in the gym training harder than ever despite his loss.

So there you have it a basic outline of my Karate Kid Movie.  If you want to help make this movie a reality let me know. Maybe we could turn it in to a comic book for now, or if you have a better idea for a new Karate Kid movie that doesn't suck let me know in the comments below.

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