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Friday, November 6, 2015

8 Deadly Karate Quotes

The weather in Vancouver has been perfect these last few weeks. Sunny and brisk in the day but dark and cold by the time you get to the Dojo so there are no excuses not to train. But if the weather is not convincing you to get into the Dojo maybe these 8 awesome Karate quotes will.

Here they are my 8 favorite Karate quotes:
let me know which quotes connect with you and why in the comments section. Or share your favorite quotes which I may have missed. 

1. “In the past, it was expected that about three years were required to learn a single kata, and usually even an expert of considerable skill would only know three, or at most five, kata.”
– Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan Karate)

2. "The martial spirit of karate lies in the self-control required not to fell an opponent when you know you can, and the modesty required to know that you can be felled and to acknowledge defeat before you are."
– Hideyuki Ashihara

3. "(sic) If you have time to practice the Pinan, practice Kushanku instead (Gima, et al, 1986, p. 86)."
– Yabu Kentsu

4. “Nothing is more harmful to the world than a martial art that is not effective in actual self-defense.”
– Choki Motobu (founder of Motobu-ryu Kempo and notorious Okinawan Karate street-fighter)

5. “No matter how you excel in the art of “Ti” (Okinawan precursor to Karate), and in your scholastic endeavors, nothing is more important than your behavior and humanity as observed in daily life.”
– Junsoku Uekata (Confucian scholar), written in 1683!

6. “There is no place in contemporary Karate for different schools. Some instructors, I know, claim to have invented new and unusual kata, and so they arrogate to themselves the right to be called founders of “schools”. Indeed, I have heard myself and my colleagues referred to as the Shotokan school, but I strongly object to this attempt at classification. My belief is that all these “schools” should be amalgamated into one, so that Karate may orderly progress into man’s future.”
– Gichin Funakoshi

7. “The more understanding you have about Karate, the less you need to change or modify it.”
– Tsuguo Sakumoto (former World Karate Champion and master of Ryuei-ryu Karate)

8. “It is necessary to drink alcohol and pursue other fun human activities. The art (Karate) of someone who is too serious has no flavor.”
– Choki Motobu

I originally found several of these quotes on the amazing Karate Blog Karate By Jesse, click here to check it out.

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