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Train with Kyle Duske: 
Kyle has been training in the martial art's since he was 9 years old. He started training in Shoto-Kan Karate under Andrew Holmes and received his second degree black belt in 2008. Since then he has gone on to study a Variety of martial arts including MMA, Capoeira, Judo and reality based fighting systems. He is ranked in Aikido (2nd Kyu), SeidoKaikan Karate (3rd Kyu) and Judo (3rd Kyu).

Kyle Duske is currently the head Karate Instructor at Vancouver Mind-Body Centre and is available for personal and group training through out Vancouver. He is also available to travel for seminars and camps. You will find some of his seminars and services listed below.

Personal Training:
If you have a busy life style or simply proffer to get your work outs in a little earlier in the day personal training can be a great option to diving into the world of martial arts at a pace that suits you.

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Family Training:
Stop sitting on the park bench complaining about how you don't have the time to get your self over to Steve Nash (the gym) and start a new adventure with the whole family. Delve into the martial arts through personalized classes that will help your family stay close, strong and safe. The whole family can train together, at a time that works for you. Ages 6 months to 80 + nobody will be left out.

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Self Defence:
Break the wrist, stomp the groin, gouge the eye's are all things you may hear at a usual self defence seminar and all of these ideas are relevant. However scare tactics and horror stories are often used to simply blanket the realities of self defence.

My self defence seminars are of course filled with gruesome techniques but unlike many seminars focus on unlocking each students hidden confidence and have a large component that focuses on the often unspoken realities of domestic violence. Seminars are usually broken into 6 one and a half hour sessions but can also be scheduled according to your needs.

Dojo Visits:
Nothing is more important than sharing idea's. This is true in every field and especially one as diverse as the martial arts. If you would like to have Kyle visit your Dojo to help spice things up and shine a little light on topics such as Bunkai, Self Defence and how traditional martial arts and modern MMA should be working together not competing with each other then why not send an email over today so we can start sharing ideas.

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Kyle Duske 

  L: Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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